Talks & symposia

CryoEM Current Practices Webinar series

This monthly seminar series is jointly hosted by NCCAT, PNCC, & S2C2. Talks feature highlights and strategies from users of the centers with a heavy focus on cryoEM methods. Q&A after the seminar is meant to stimulate discussion of best practices and interesting challenges that will be helpful to researchers new to the field. Representatives from all three service centers will be on hand to answer questions about the cryoEM resources available to biomedical researchers and how to access them.

Talks take place on zoom the last Thursday of the month at 9 AM pacific/12 PM eastern and are are open to all at no-cost. Registration is required.

See our upcoming lineup and register via the links here:

  • 07/25/2024: Virender Singh, Ph.D. Revealing Structural Polymorphism in ATTR Amyloidosis: Insights from cryo-Electron Microscopy

Past talks are available on our YouTube channel or can be viewed here.

Meet the CryoET Centers Webinar series

Cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) has revolutionized biological research by providing 3D reconstructions of biological structures with nanometer scale resolution. The NIH has funded a national network for cryo-electron tomography whose mission is to provide access to cryo-ET. Come join us for this webinar series on cryo-ET and learn about how you can access this network in support of your research.

Past Series Webinar Topics:

  • An introduction to cryo-ET and overview of the National Network for Cryo-ET, July 8, 2021, Elizabeth R. Wright, MCCET
  • High pressure freezing, the waffle method and cryo-FIB, July 15, 2021, Mykhailo Kopylov, NCITU
  • Correlative cryogenic light and electron microscopy and tomography, July 22, 2021, Gong-Her Wu, SCSC
  • Preparation of select murine brain sections for HPF, cryo-CLEM, and cryo-ET, July 29, 2021, Michael H.B. Stowell, CCET
  • Structural studies of virus infection using CLEM, cryo-FIB, and cryo-ET, August 12, 2021, Jie E. Yang, MCCET