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SerialEM is a program that can acquire a variety of data from electron microscopes: tilt series for electron tomography, large image areas for 3-D reconstruction from serial sections, and images for reconstruction of macromolecules by single-particle methods.

What is Low Dose Imaging? 

Focus off optical axis to limit radiation damage to biological samples.

Automated data collection?
    • set it and forget it.
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How do I learn to use this software?

  • The centers host workshops, visit the Events page for more information

Watch this video:

SerialEM Demonstration

Attend a workshop or schedule time with staff at the center of your choice to see the software (or watch video?)

Safe operation of SerialEM

  • Try not to pull your hair out

Supervised Practice with SerialEM

Screen your samples remotely with Staff assistance.

Keep trying 

You’ll always find another error.  Just keep swimming.

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Recertification period

  • Sample preparation merit badges for room temperature work are valid for ~1yr.
  • Recertification (to maintain active status) would entail demonstrating proper use and care in front of a center staff member.

Furthering your knowledge

  • Other data collection software:
    • Leginon
    • EPU
    • Latitude